Gust releases European Accelerator Report



05 September 2017

Over the last few years, accelerators and the programs they operate have become key players within startup ecosystems, helping thousands of founders build and grow innovative businesses in today’s “new economy.” Accelerators have become far more than simple business-service providers or investment vehicles, instead emerging as invaluable operators within public and private spheres. They bring together entrepreneurs, investors, public entities, and corporations with the common goal of helping innovative businesses quickly take root. Policymakers and other actors in the startup community should understand the essential role of accelerators within the startup ecosystem, as proper incentivization of accelerators has the potential to effectively facilitate the cultivation and cross-pollination of startups.

The European Accelerator Report 2016 provides an exclusive inside look at accelerator programs in the region. This report is a follow-up on the 2015 Accelerator Report and aims to explain how the accelerator industry is evolving in the region, how accelerators support their activities, and how they impact local and regional tech startup ecosystems.

Click on the image above to read the 2016 report, or follow this link.

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