Industry experts identify the cleantech startup categories powering the energy revolution


Green Angel Syndicate Ltd

19 February 2018

Specialist investor, Green Angel Syndicate, states that moving from a world still largely powered by fossil fuels to one that is 100% powered by renewable energy is achievable thanks to three massive trends that will unfold over the coming decades:

  • The transition from fossil fuel-based power to clean electricity
  • The clean transportation revolution, from privately-owned combustion engine cars to transport-as-a-service based on electric, autonomous vehicles
  • Huge improvements in energy and resource efficiency in industry and buildings.

Venturescape, a new enterprise intelligence platform, has teamed up with Green Angel Syndicate to identify the investment opportunities that are driving this cleantech revolution towards a totally renewable energy future. Together, they have identified eight categories of innovative and transformative young companies in the UK:

  1.     Power storage & efficiency
  2.     Material use
  3.     Smart cities
  4.     Energy efficiency
  5.     Water
  6.     Food and fuel
  7.     Information and analytics
  8.     Autonomous vehicles

James Wrighton, Founder, Venturescape said: “Green Angel Syndicate is a natural partner for Venturescape in the cleantech sector.  It provides a source of the highest quality and most complete coverage of the sector in terms of companies seeking angel investment at any given time.  Green Angel Syndicate and Venturescape can provide anyone with the widest range available in the UK today.”

Nick Lyth, Director, Green Angel Syndicate, commented: “We are delighted to be working with Venturescape.  This ambitious new initiative fits in perfectly with what Green Angel Syndicate is designed to achieve.”

For more information on these trends and to find out about some of the companies leading the way that stand out for investors in 2018 visit

Venturescape helps give investors and stakeholders a better, more comprehensive view of quality growing UK businesses, enabling you to discover new opportunities, carry out your own due diligence and to track how a business is performing.

Green Angel Syndicate makes investments in early-stage technologies, processes and installations in the Green Economy that are seeking to improve the way we use resources — energy, water, recycling and the wider transition to a greener economy — sustainable transport, smart cities.

Please note that the information contained in this article is not a recommendation to invest.

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