Jenny Tooth comments on the economic visions of the main political parties


UK Business Angels Association

14 November 2019

In the last week we have seen Mr Javid and Mr McDonnell announce their respective economic visions, should they control the keys to No.11, with starkly contrasting visions being proposed. Yet it is not clear how far small businesses and the investors who back them will be a key consideration for any of our main political parties.

It seems that both Labour and Conservatives are going to attempt to win over voters in the regions with strong emphasis on infrastructure spending. For too long there have been investment disparities across our country. This is underlined by the continuing fragmented landscape for angel and early stage investment which remains a key focus for UKBAA, working with other main players through such programmes as the Innovate UK Regional Angel Investment Accelerator and the British Business Investment Regional Angel Programme £100m Co-investment funds.

Meanwhile, we seriously need data on the angel market to make any impact on the next government’s thinking. Our British Business Bank-UKBAA survey is closing this Sunday night. So if you have not done so, please, please complete the online survey here, or pass this on to your angel colleagues. There are just a few more days to make your voice heard!

Nevertheless, we must continue to look beyond this current political upheaval and focus on what opportunities will lie ahead for our investment community to back great entrepreneurs in 2020. We will be doing just that at our forthcoming Future Forward Investment Forum on 27th November, bringing together industry and investment experts to look at key growth sectors such as future transport mobility and life sciences, whilst also reviewing the landscape for exits and liquidity. What better time for our community to come together to take a positive look at investing in the coming twelve months, share experience and ideas, whilst making new links over wine and supper. Hope to see you there!.

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