JOBHAWK and ENVESTORS: Flying High with a first close



07 June 2018

ENVESTORS are delighted to announce that JOBHAWK, the construction recruitment company, has initiated their first close after raising nearly £500,000 of which £200,000 came from the ENVESTORS private network.  JOBHAWK will use the funds raised to:

  • Acquire competing companies
  • Acquire tradesmen
  • Continue its platform development
  • Open an office in the Isle of Man

“After ten years of making angel investments in technology startups, I have developed a clear list of “must have” attributes which a new venture must have before I will even consider investing. JOBHAWK not only ticked but exceeded every single box.

In particular, I was – and continue to be – extremely impressed by the caliber, passion and breadth of experience of the founders and the team. Steve is clearly an extremely strong, capable and hard-working CEO and the experience he has gained from previous successful exits is invaluable.”

Chris Hall – Chairman of JOBHAWK and ENVESTORS private network member


“To support JOBHAWK’s growth plans, the company has successfully raised over £450,000 of equity funding through ENVESTORS. The funds will support sales and marketing activity in order to build upon the current momentum of over 10,000 job applications made through the JOBHAWK App in the last quarter.”

Scott Haughton – Chief Operating Officer / Co-Founder of ENVESTORS

JOBHAWK will remain partially open for the remainder of June to process any further investment.


JOBHAWK is the UK’s first digital marketplace providing major construction companies and their subcontractors INSTANT access to the skilled tradesmen they require to meet urgent project milestones and avoid costly contractual penalties.

It’s important to emphasise that JOBHAWK is solely focused on the commercial construction market – so think large projects with hundreds of workers on site, not consumers hiring plumbers to fix a leaky tap.

JOBHAWK is a two-sided marketplace targeting the UK’s highly-fragmented commercial construction sector.


15,000 specialist subcontractors – with a combined turnover of £63bn – provide the majority of bricklayers, carpenters and other construction workers for commercial construction projects.

These subcontractors must flex their workforce as project timelines change and absorb any cost overruns, meaning they hire and lay off – and hire again – continuously.


1.1 million UK construction workers are self-employed – with a total income of an estimated £32bn – and most of them work for the 15,000 specialist subcontractors. These self-employed tradesmen and labourers work without contracts, which underlies their two motivations for job search:

  • They’re often terminated with little or no notice – leaving them urgently seeking their next job to minimise unpaid downtime.
  • They’re able to jump to a new job, giving little or no notice – so many are always on the lookout for open jobs with better pay or less travel time and cost.

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