Latest deals in 2017


Cambridge Capital Group

07 June 2017

Cambridge Capital Group and its sister overseas chapter, CCG International, have invested more than £1.5m this year to date, in six new investments, with a seventh in legals.

Sectors include: AgriTech, LegalTech, Mobile/Apps, Robotics, Medical and Biotech. Last year the group invested £4.5m in many new and portfolio follow-on deals, and enjoyed four exits including Swiftkey, sold to Microsoft for $250m.

We also have three new opportunities being followed upafter the very successful CCG Summer Convention in Cambridge last month when 50 private investors and funds convened for a full day of qualified investment presentations and quarterly dinner.

Membership is now over 75, with several family offices and international investors joining our private network and collaborative platform to access the best of European hi-tech opportunities.

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