London Angel Network Partners with Chinese Equity Crowdfunding Platform for Global Expansion


Angels Den

07 November 2014

7 November 2014

The Angels Den network is pooling their resources and teaming up with successful Chinese crowdfunding platform, Luyanba. The two companies have entered into an exclusive new partnership in order to widen their exposure in new international markets.

Angels Den (, has this week announced an exclusive new partnership with a Chinese equity crowdfunding platform, in order to widen both companies’ exposure by showcasing reciprocal deals to angels and investors around the globe.

Despite being fairly newly founded in May 2014, the crowdfunding platform, Luyanba, has made a substantial impact on the Chinese market and is widely recognised by investors and enterprises for its initial achievements.

Since starting the company Luyanba has successfully completed three deals. One for a mobile app aimed at helping parents communicate with their children’s teachers. By using this app parents and teachers can record interesting things during children’s growth, and communicate with other parents of other children. It was funded in September and raised £81,920 with us. Currently there are three projects undergoing due diligence, an e-commerce app, which requires £205,000 in investment, a travel website, which needs £307,500, and mobile phone game, requiring £133,250.

Luyanba consists of an expert team of network operators, law counselors, accountants and financial investment advisors who are tasked with auditing every pitch and project before the crowdfunding journey commences. Through this process, Luyanba can ensure that every project online has the potential to successfully profit from using its services.

In comparison, the London-based Angels Den was founded in 2007 by Bill Morrow and Lois Clark, aiming to revolutionise the way in which entrepreneurs get funded and grow their companies. With more than £18m raised across its pitches to date, a fundamental characteristic which sets Angels Den apart from its competitors is its ‘quality over quantity’ mentality.

The company is passionate about introducing SMEs and start-ups to angel investors that can offer expert advice and industry insight as well as financial support, rather than connecting them to hundreds of individuals who may only be able to invest small amounts each. By operating on an international basis, Angels Den is able to broaden its strong network of angel investors and widen the crowdfunding pool to encompass new territories.


Bill Morrow, co-founder of Angels Den, made the following statement regarding the partnership announcement:


“It’s seriously exciting news that we have the chance to exclusively partner up with the guys at Luyanba. In China, crowdfunding is very much in its initial start-up phrase and it is growing rapidly, so it’s a fantastic time to get involved in this fresh, young market. We could not be more honoured to help one of the Chinese industry leaders to further its growth and development.”


Bailong Liu, Principal of Chinese Crowdfunding Research Institute, and CEO of Luyanba, made the following comment regarding the partnership:


“Crowdfunding has some brilliant prospects in the global economy, and with many years development in the UK, crowdfunding is particularly advanced over here. We feel very honoured to have the opportunity to cooperate with Angels Den, and our ten thousand investors are also very keen to hear pitches from businesses around the UK. In particular, we really hope to help a selection of strong UK start-ups to further their growth and development.”

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