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16 November 2017

A recent article in The Times, featuring NorthInvest founder Adam Beaumont, sparked a desire for us to create a piece on what NorthInvest really stands for. The Q&A session with Adam reflects a glimpse into our founding principles and represents the key elements that we look for in both investors and entrepreneurs.

Adam Beaumont: ‘You can’t invest in a company and then expect to sit back’

Access to funding

NorthInvest was founded by aql CEO and tech investor Adam Beaumont back in 2015, with a view to plug the early-stage access to finance gap in the northern ecosystem.

Is there a gap, you might ask? A recurring phrase that gets thrown around is that it’s easier to raise £2m than £200k, which might seem ridiculous to tech-outsiders, but in the north, it arguably holds some weight.

With a clear need for change, NorthInvest has been intelligently established to perform as a key collaborator, assembler, and contributor to the Northern Powerhouse, acting as a catalyst between public and private sector stakeholders, ultimately making it easier for the region’s start-ups to access crucial early funding, free business advice and support.

Plugging the gap

So, what are we doing to make a difference? The Board, with industry experience in education and innovation, corporate finance, regional and national press, technology, cybersecurity and entrepreneurship, are uniquely positioned to provide maximum cross-sector outreach, expertise, and strong connections to early-stage ventures.

On a slightly larger scale, we’re working hard to bring together the tech ecosystem in Leeds and across the north, hosting industry-specific strategic conferences and roundtables, as well as acting as a key collaborator between angel investors, funds, startups and technology initiatives.

Going the extra mile

As Adam highlights in The Times Q&A, writing a cheque isn’t the last step to investment. At NorthInvest, we work hard to connect ventures with ‘smart money’. This is an investor(s) who is able to provide market knowledge, access to networks and potentially some new clients, alongside accelerating your business with a cash injection.

“I put money in only when I know I can affect the outcome, whether that’s through mentorship, route to market or providing insight into the products.”

The now

Moving forward, NorthInvest will continue to improve the profile and growth of the tech sector in the Leeds Region, Yorkshire and the North, specifically within the Fintech, HealthTech, Cyber, Digital Media and Tech for Good sectors. We will work to create an inclusive, accessible network of angel investors and alternate routes of finance, whilst doing our part to support northern social issues, by investing our surplus finances into helping charities and developing Tech for Good.


To hear updates about what we’re up to across the north, please follow us on Twitter @NorthInvestUK

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