Number of Chinese HNWs Applying for Investor Visas Jumps 19%


Growthdeck Ltd.

16 May 2019

Years of Brexit drama haven’t dampened demand from wealthy Chinese for UK Investor Visas, as demonstrated by data Growthdeck has obtained from the Home Office.

The number of Chinese High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worths applying to live in the UK on Investor Visas increased 19% last year to 144*, up from 121 in 2017.

Chinese individuals made up 63% of all Investor Visa applications in 2018 (228), up from 50% of all applications in 2017 (243).

Growthdeck’s data and commentary has been covered by Bloomberg (Wealthy Chinese Still Beating Path to UK Even With Brexit Woes), as well as Brazil’s largest financial newspaper, Valor Econômico, and publications in Vietnam and Singapore.

For all the details, please see the Growthdeck website – Number of Chinese High Net Worths Applying for Investor Visas Jumps 19%

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