NVM Private Equity provides £3m development capital for @boclips


NVM Private Equity LLP

12 July 2017

NVM Private Equity (NVM) has invested £3m in London based Knowledgemotion the creators of boclips – a video platform designed specifically for the education sector.

boclips enables education providers to easily find, license and use video clips in their teaching products and services. The platform hosts over forty international content producers including the BBC, Getty Images, PBS, Bloomberg and Associated Press – providing access to over two million rights-ready video clips.

The deep repository, the largest video library for education in the world, provides a single point for all school, university, corporate training and language learning video needs. The platform utilises proprietary algorithms and machine learning to map clips to the curricula and courses used by education providers around the world. All videos are ad-free, can be downloaded or streamed and, in an era of fake news, are from trusted and respected content sources.

In the 21st century, the traditional model of teaching is being radically changed. As with other industries, education is being transformed by digital technology. More students are working on computers and tablets, whilst teachers are increasingly using screens to illustrate aspects of their lessons. Within this the potential of video to powerfully captivate and contextualise learning is just starting to be realised. NVM’s investment in Knowledgemotion reflects the potential video has to engage the Netflix generation and ensure it is a component of ongoing learning.

This is the second video enabled company that NVM have invested in having provided development capital for Channel Mum in September 2016.

David Bainbridge, CEO of Knowledgemotion said:

“Outside the classroom video is the go-to medium for Millennials. As the education sector digitises it has come to understand how crucial the role video will play in making learning more engaging and effective. NVM’s investment will help us realise our goal of becoming the global marketplace for educational video – whether 2D, 3D, VR or AR.”

David Rolfe, Partner of NVM Private Equity said:

“This is an exciting moment for both NVM and Knowledgemotion. We believe David and his dedicated team have identified one of the key ways in which video consumption and engagement is transforming the education sector and we are thrilled to be backing them at this crucial stage of the Company’s development.”

Mark Wood, Chairman of Knowledgemotion, said:

“This is a company which is starting to build an exciting global business. Selecting NVM as our investor was a straightforward decision because they understood the market and shared our vision for the future, while also being a great cultural fit.”

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