On Second Thought’s Next Frontier? Mobile Payments


Astia Angels

16 May 2019

On Second Thought was originally an app that let users set a timer on their messages before they were officially sent. The timer could be set for as short as a few seconds and as long as an entire day. Since then, the company has grown beyond just un-sending texts to something that’s monetized and scalable.

The company rebranded as a business-to-business tool, implementing all of On Second Thought’s original features and technology, but for individual clients. It now targets call centers, internal chat platforms and mobile transactions. It’s also expanded the scope of its technology. Now, users of mobile payment services can use it to prevent sending money to the wrong people. The product, On Second Thought Money, is aimed at stopping people from making major financial blunders.

“Tailoring our existing On Second Thought Undo software to On Second Thought Money was not difficult,” said founder Maci Peterson. “We just had to rethink where our technology would sit in our clients’ application flow.” Peterson says the company’s newest product could potentially save clients millions of dollars per year.

Peterson started her company in San Francisco and has since moved to Morocco. “We’ve been able to expand and network in ways I would not have imagined,” Peterson said. Peterson said the company is branching out to other parts of Africa and Europe, and that On Second Thought’s next goal “is to be a standard feature in every [peer-to-peer] payments platform” in those regions. For more information, visit: https://afrotech.com/on-second-thoughts-next-frontier-mobile-payments.

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