Origin Capital and Qi3 Ventures exit Lintbells


Origin Capital

02 March 2018

Origin Capital and Qi3 Ventures have realised their joint investment in pet health company Lintbells.
Origin and Qi3 backed Lintbells at an early stage of it’s growth, in April 2012, at which time Tim de Vere
Green and Paul Anson, of Origin and Qi3 respectively, joined the company’s board as non-executive
directors. Since then, the business has grown to become one of the UK’s leading pet supplement

The realisation is connected with a significant investment in the company by private equity investor
Inflexion, and has yielded healthy returns for Origin and Qi3 over the c. 5.5 year holding period.
Tim de Vere Green, CEO of Origin, commented: “We are delighted to report an excellent outcome for
ourselves and Qi3 Ventures from our joint investment in Lintbells. This is a result of the outstanding
work the founders, management team, and employees have undertaken to grow the company over the
last 6 years. We are sure there are still many exciting opportunities for Lintbells ahead, and we wish the
team every success as they exploit these with the help of their new partner, Inflexion.”

John Howie, CEO of Lintbells, said: “ Qi3 and Origin have been extremely supportive investors, and
we are very grateful for their contributions during the period they have been involved. We now look
forward to working closely with Inflexion to drive Lintbells’ future growth through attracting new
customers and launching new products, and entering new geographies.”

Tim Smallbone, Head of the Enterprise Fund, Inflexion, commented: “We are delighted to have
partnered with such a strong and motivated management team. The business is well placed to
accelerate its already impressive growth in both the UK and internationally, with significant investment
and R&D underpinning Lintbells’ prospects.”

Contact: Tim de Vere Green, Origin Capital Ltd. [email protected]

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