Partnership Opportunity: research with High Net Worth women


Angel Academe

28 September 2016

Women own 48% of the net wealth in the UK and this is predicted to rise to 60% by 2025 (CEBR 2005), yet women are very under-represented in higher-risk asset classes, in particular angel investment. What little evidence there is, suggests that much of this wealth is kept as cash or directed at low risk investment products. Over the longer-term, this means that women may enjoy far lower (and possibly negative) returns from their wealth compared to returns from a more diversified investment portfolio.

We’d like to understand the barriers and challenges for High Net Worth women to investing in riskier asset classes and how we might overcome them.

We’re looking for a small number of partners who could provide financial and practical support. In return, we offer an opportunity to shape and co-brand the research and findings as well as invaluable insights into the financial attitudes and behaviour of HNW women.
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