QVentures has successfully closed their fundraise.



23 September 2016

QVentures has successfully closed their fundraise, raising their target amount, with existing investors following on and new investors coming in.

QVentures is a private members investment club for sophisticated investors. Membership aims to provide access to curated co-investment opportunities in early-stage companies alongside what we believe are the most trusted and successful investors in the market. We partner with the Quintessentially Group, whom we consider to be one of the world’s largest networks of engaged High Net Worth Investors.

Our members need to have a minimum of £25k to deploy (per individual investment), but the average investment is £175k. The caliber of our membership seems to attract the most promising entrepreneurs and being partnered with the Quintessentially Group appears to fast track our access to a worldwide network of influential people. Engagement with our members and having a deep knowledge of their background and investment preferences are key to our service.

Funds raised are planned to be used to start our international expansion in the near future.


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