Rise of the Female Investor – Guardian Interview with Olivia Sibony


Angel Investment Network

25 September 2018

Olivia Sibony joined the Angel Investment Network team in 2017 as head of their new impact-focused crowdfunding division, Seedtribe. She had recently sold her sharing economy food startup, Grub Club, and was looking for a new challenge to help drive impactful investments.

She viewed Seedtribe with its focus on impact businesses (using the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as an evaluation framework) and its minimum investment of £100 as an attractive avenue to pursue this endeavour.

One of her key focuses is to encourage more women to become investors; and she believes that the combination of profit-with-purpose businesses and low minimum tickets is a great starting point.

Yesterday, the Guardian published an interview with her in which she discusses the rise of female investors and how she is working to support this at Seedtribe.

Read Olivia’s Guardian interview here

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