Route Reports – smart hazard detection for buses and trains


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30 November 2017

Future Worlds is an on-campus startup incubator and platform: championing the innovative commercial opportunities being developed by researchers and students at the University of Southampton.

Route Reports is the latest startup to come out of Future Worlds. Founded by Connell McLaughlin, an Aeronautics and Astronautics student from the University of Southampton, has found a solution for measuring hazards on the UK’s roads through an innovative Internet of Things solution that is already being trialled by the UK bus industry.

An embedded sensor system for vehicles that detects and reports hazards on public transport. The startup’s sensor and processing units upload the exact location of strikes with overhanging branches and potholes along a route, feeding the information to a web-based dashboard at This data is analysed and displayed in a live heat map that illustrates the frequency of incidents, allowing operators to prioritise critical risks and send the information to Local Authorities to address the hazards.

The business emails weekly reports to users and provides pre-made email templates that incorporate the latest data, allowing operators to swiftly and accurately highlight the dangers.

In the UK alone there are around 35,000 buses that can benefit from the product. Route Reports’ service can also address problems for other transport operators, including the haulage and rail industries, where the technology is also being assessed for a variety of potential uses including the detection of hazardous areas of rail, potentially saving rail operators millions every year.

To find out more, visit the Future Worlds Website.

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