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The Rain Gods

06 May 2018

Over sixteen weeks, some of the most promising SportsTech companies from the UK and Europe have been taking part in SpinAcclerator UK, the UK leg of the world’s first global sports tech accelerator programme.

Backed by HYPE Sports Innovation from Israel and delivered by Loughbourgh University, the number one-ranked university in the world for sport, at their London campus, SpinAccelerator UK has focussed on helping start up and young sports tech companies develop their proportions and ready them for early stage, high-speed growth.

The excitement around this emerging tech start up sector is driven by the wide variety of technologies involved, from AI to web-based applications via drug tracking and IoT devices, all focussed on one of the largest end markets in the world. The full remit of sports activity, fitness, e-sports and broadcasting total an astonishing 8% of global GDP. It’s why the twelve companies presenting at demo have raised over £1.3m of seed funding between them in just the last two months! In addition, the companies have collected numerous awards, won overseas sales contracts and launched six new products between them – all since starting the SpinAcclerator UK Programme in January.

Leading industry figures from across the world will be joining us, including:
Bernd Wahler (Germany) – Chairman of Hype Board, ex CMO & VP Innovation at Adidas, Ex President of VFB Stuttgart, Founder & CEO Sportgeist
Rod Nenner (USA) – Vice President, Washington Redskins
Sebastien Audoux (France) – Head of Sport Digitial, Canal+
Dave Abbot (USA) – Senior Vice President, Innovation, Technology and Operations, Sportradar
Rod Nenner, VP at the Washington Redskins said, “​The SPIN Accelerator program specifically has a crucial role as it turns new ideas and technologies into an actual innovation that can be used in a meaningful way.”

The results will be on display at the programmes first demo day, to be held on Thursday 10 May from 1.30pm at the iconic velodrome on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, close to Stratford International overground and Stratford underground stations.

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