Seedrs launches FMCG Accelerator


Seedrs Limited

25 July 2019

Seedrs have launched their first FMCG Accelerator Programme dedicated to helping up to 10 UK-based FMCG businesses raise capital through equity crowdfunding.

Food and Beverage businesses have always been very well suited to crowdfunding.

The business models and market trends are easy to understand and there have been success stories for crowdfunding investors – see, for example, their Alumni food and beverage companies Oppo Ice Cream and Mr Lee’s Noodles.

Food and beverage businesses, however, face a common challenge that most others don’t experience. They don’t have great access to customer data. Their products will be in some people’s shopping baskets weekly, and the snack or drink of choice for many others every day, but it’s very hard to track who these people are! This makes involving their community in a crowdfunding raise a challenge.

Seedrs have helped 15 food and beverage businesses fund in 2018, and they’ve already funded 10 halfway into 2019. This makes them a leading funder in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) businesses across Europe in 2019! Even then, this is only the beginning of what can be achieved in the sector. With a little help in engaging their communities and the crowd, businesses can unlock the potential of their community as investors and brand ambassadors even without the best customer data.

The FMCG Accelerator Programme is a 7 week Programme where businesses will have the chance to hear all the tips directly from the entrepreneurs behind Seedrs successes like Manilife, Pollen + Grace and Coconuts Naturally as well as the industry experts within Seedrs.

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