Seedrs reveals newest investment highlights


Seedrs Limited

31 January 2014

Seedrs has released some highlights of the investment activity and successfully funded startups that make Seedrs Europe’s leading equity crowdfunding platform.

Some of the trends that they’ve seen include:

A rise in female investors. Over the last six months, the number of women investors through the platform has increased from 13% up to 25%. Some reports claim that offline female angel investment figures are as low as 4-13% of overall investments, so to see a quarter of their investor base as women is encouraging.

A decrease in the average time it takes to fund an investment campaign. Savvy entrepreneurs are catching on to the fact that their own efforts to promote their campaign to potential investors has a direct impact on the time that it takes them to fund. The average campaign on Seedrs funds in 24 days – down from an average of 29 days only six months ago.

The average number of investments per investor has increased from three to four – demonstrating a desire among investors to continue diversifying their startup portfolios. We are finding that even larger angels are using Seedrs as part of their strategy to build a diversified portfolio.

For more equity crowdfunding investment and startup statistics, check out the half-yearly infographic on the Seedrs blog

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