Solaris and Envestors Combine their Energy to Raise £600,000



17 October 2017

ENVESTORS are delighted to announce that we have successfully facilitated SOLARIS PHOTONICS to close its funding round of c. £600,000. The funds raised will be used:

  • To test the prototype Solaris Photonics Multiplier (SPM)
  • To fund the Innovate UK Alkaline Photovoltaic (APV) project
  • To cover a wide range of patents

Niall Haughian, Chief Operating Officer,  SOLARIS PHOTONICS

“The first half of 2017 has been tremendously exciting for Solaris, with substantial technical and commercial progress transforming the Company. With the seed fundraising completed, Solaris’ team is looking forward to focusing on the core product development for the remainder of the year”.

Scott Haughton, Director, ENVESTORS

“We are pleased to announce that the company has successfully raised funds necessary for its innovative technology to progress to a next stage of testing its prototype. Now Solaris is equipped with 23 new experienced investors and strong board, which is ready to take the company to commercialisation”.

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