Startup Funding Club launches SFC Angel Fund


SFC Capital

15 September 2017

Startup Funding Club (SFC) has announced the launch of the Startup Funding Club Angel Fund. This latest edition of SFC’s SEIS/EIS Fund will allow qualified investors to get exposure to the very best of Startup Funding Club’s dealflow.

In addition to acquiring a highly diversified portfolio of 15-20 companies, investors in the fund will be able to co-invest with SFC’s award-winning network of 300+ angel investors.

“We are very excited to launch the latest edition of our Fund which we have been running for four years now with a good track record so far.” said Joseph Zipfel, Investment Manager at Startup Funding Club. “We see a clear trend of investors taking a more diversified approach to angel investing and we believe that the Fund meets this demand perfectly.”

The announcement was made during SFC’s first investor event of the season, which took place at Runway East Moorgate and featured four promising early-stage companies seeking funding.

About Startup Funding Club

Startup Funding Club is an ecosystem of entrepreneurs and investors. The firm combines its award-winning Angel Syndicate with the Startup Funding Club Fund to allow High Net Worth and Sophisticated investors to support high-potential startups either directly or through a diversified managed portfolio approach. So far, Startup Funding Club has supported over 100 startups.

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