Startup Funding Club raises £300K for Shoppar


SFC Capital

28 November 2017

Retail analytics company Shoppar receives £300,000 of SEIS and EIS funds and marks the first co-investment between Startup Funding Club and the London Co-Investment Fund.

Startup Funding Club (SFC) and the London Co-Investment Fund (LCIF)have invested £300K into Shoppar, an Android-based software company that uses computer vision to capture customer engagement in-store to empower marketing campaigns with its data. The behavioural analytics startup was first introduced to the SFC Angel Network in September, when its founder Peter Ward presented Shoppar alongside the company’s CTO and CAO at the SFC Pitching & Networking event. The company sparked the interest of many attendees, which ultimately resulted in SFC Angels supporting it.

This funding round is the first collaboration between Startup Funding Club and the London Co-Investment Fund, who matched the investments from the SFC Funds and Angel Network. SFC was selected this summer as a new partner of the £25m fund financed by the Mayor of London. The two organisations intend to close a dozen co-investments in London technology startups over the next 12 months.

Joseph Zipfel, Investment Manager at SFC, said: “We are very excited to support Shoppar, whose technology allows retailers to revolutionise their in-store experience and gather more data from their physical locations. We’re also very pleased to close the first of many co-investments with the London Co-Investment Fund and we thank Funding London for their support in closing the transaction.”


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