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UK Business Angels Association

04 April 2019

The 7th event in the Mayor of London’s TechInvest programme took place on Wednesday 27th of March at Level39, showcasing 9 of London’s leading Clean Tech Innovators to over 110 investors from the angel and early stage investment community.


Environmental sustainability is an area of major concern for London and tackling these growing challenges is of vital importance, which is why were pleased to present 9 businesses that not only provide solutions to improve how we interact with resources, but demonstrate how we can use technology to change how we think about things like packaging and access to energy. After a competitive applications series our eminent panel of judges selected 9 London-based entrepreneurs from a pool of over 60 applications to pitch for investment. We were especially delighted to see a high proportion of applicants were from women founders or co-founders, which is a key focus area for us at UKBAA!

Each of the presenting businesses delivered a five-minute pitch providing our attendees with an array of investment opportunities in the range of £250-£3m. The presenting businesses covered such areas as energy conservation and management, reduction in noise and air pollution, renewables, smart energy and sustainable packaging. For more information on the businesses take a look below.

The presenters:

AirEx – a novel smart home technology that helps reduce energy bills, improving residents’ thermal comfort, whilst also protecting occupants’ health and reducing heating energy bills.

Qflow – an environmental management platform that holistically tracks, monitors, and predicts project environmental risk through the use of real-time data and machine learning.

Signol – a customisable software platform that provides data-driven solutions to supercharge aviation fuel efficiency, maximize profits, and protect the environment.

Emsol – a data-focused air and noise pollution monitoring solution that enables businesses to drive interventions based on live data to reduce road transport pollution.

Ripple – a clean energy ownership platform that enables consumers to part-own large-scale wind farms, offering the opportunity to supply their home or business with zero carbon electricity.

U-Earth – a biotech company tackling air purification in professional environments, through freestanding air purification units that capture and destroy contaminants and improve air quality.

Swytch – a flexible conversion kit that transforms 99% of standard road bikes into state-of-the-art electronic bikes for a fraction of the market cost.

Skipping Rocks Labs – a sustainable packaging company that is pioneering the use of natural materials extracted from plants and seaweed to create flexible and sustainable packaging with low environmental impact.

London Forest Products – the first 3D printed pure carbon company, offering end-user applications within Aerospace, Automotive, Biomedical and Electronic industries using wholly renewable waste product from the paper industry.

We were delighted that this 7th event in the TechInvest series was such a wonderful evening for our investors and presenters alike, and hope that many of the businesses selected to pitch access the investment they need to grow! We want to thank our fabulous host, Level39 for welcoming our community and supporting TechInvest. We would also like to thank our judges and guest speakers for taking the time to support this programme and for providing their insights and expertise. Most importantly, we want to thank the Mayor of London for instigating this event series, which seeks to identify London’s leading tech entrepreneurs and provide them with the opportunity to access much needed investment to scale.

We are thrilled to announce that we are now accepting applications for the 8th TechInvest event focusing on Gov Tech, which will take place on Wednesday 12th of June at the Chamber at City Hall. You can head to to apply! If you would like to hear more about our TechInvest progamme and the upcoming events, please refer to:

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