Techstars London 2018 – Applications open!


Techstars London

02 March 2018

Home to a thriving international community of tech, founders, innovators and investors, London is an epicentre of startup activity. Ranked as the #6 strongest startup ecosystem in the world, London is known as a powerful location for startups. Founders are flocking to London to start their business and to learn from the incredible mentor community there.

Techstars London 2018 applications are open now and we’re doing a European (and elsewhere) Tour to meet great companies.

We are interested in the early stage companies and you can read more here – including some info on the types of companies that we’re particularly interested in talking to: AI, Machine Learning and computer vision companies, foodtech, Blockchain and the token economy, social apps, products for older users, innovations in messaging, micro-social networks and others. That’s by no means an exhaustive list – we’ve always been open to investing in all sorts of companies. That’s still the case, but it’s always good to have a few focus areas.

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The Techstars London 2018 programme kicks off on 16th July with the demo day in October and we will be selecting 10 companies. The programme will offer mentorship and funding to startups that will be working with our group of amazing mentors, partners and the Techstars team. To see and get a feel what we do, CEOs from the 2017 cohort shared some of their thoughts – you can see all the videos here:

If there are companies you’ve met or invested in recently who might be a good fit for us and that we can help out, please feel free to intro them to

Otherwise, feel free to encourage them to apply here: The deadline to apply is 8th April 2017.


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