Tethered Drone Systems raises £300K from robotics funder Britbots


UK Business Angels Association

04 December 2017

Britbots has invested the first part of a £300,000 funding package for Cheadle Hulme’s Tethered Drone Systems.

Britbots operates the British Robotics Seed (SEIS) Fund and the equity crowdfunding platform, Britbots CROWD, which both support promising robotics-related businesses performing autonomous tasks on land, air and sea.

Dominic Keen, founder and CEO of Britbots comments: “Much is written about tomorrow’s world of driverless cars, where we are to be seamlessly whisked around by an all-pervasive fleet of unmanned road vehicles. However, the complexity of the road network and the high consequences of failure suggest that the public’s first experience of self-driving objects is much more likely to happen well away from roads; and human-beings probably won’t be the cargo.”

Tethered Drone Systems (TDS) builds unmanned multi-copters that can be used for aerial surveillance and broadcasting tasks.  Whilst ordinarily drones have limited air time and must be remotely controlled by a pilot, TDS units are powered via a tether, so as to fly near-continuously. TDS engineers are working on building technology so that the vehicles can take-off and land by themselves.  Currently the only UK based tethered drone in commercial development, and with a flight capability to 300m / 1000ft it will see a step change in operational activity.

The company has recently received the initial part of a £300,000 funding package from the British Robotics Seed Fund to complete the development of a fully-commercial product and build the order book; and it is open for investments from interested members of the public via Britbots CROWD at: https://britbots.envestry.com/deals/1618

Jim Gibson, founder of TDS, says that, “pilotless tethered drones will be transformative technology not only for the security industry but also for precision agriculture, telecommunications and the emergency services plus many more applications”.

Dominic Keen of the British Robotics Seed Fund adds that “Tethered Drone Systems is great example of an autonomous device that is ready for operation today, rather than a piece of science fiction for the future.”

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