The Accelerator Network Offers 2 VC Readiness Programmes: The ScaleUp Accelerator and Accelerator Academy


The Accelerator Network

12 February 2020

The ScaleUp Accelerator April 2020 Programme

Run by The Accelerator Network, who have applied their 8 years of experience in running investment readiness accelerators, along with White Horse Capital who have achieved £350m+ of negotiated early stage investment deals, this VC investment readiness programme and service supports scaling companies (often B2B SaaS) who are turning over £40k+/month as they make the step change between seed and Series A.

If any of your angel-backed portfolio companies are looking for £1-5m of VC funding in 2020, please encourage them to consider

Accelerator Academy 26th Semester

Accelerator Academy is a successful, established 12-week part-time programme specifically designed to grow businesses through training, mentoring from exited entrepreneurs and access to capital.  If you are a startup looking to raise £150k – £1M of equity investment, or if you have any recommendations of startups to apply to the programme, please visit for more information and application link.  

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