UKBAA Angel Investment Awards success stories – Archangels reveal how winning Lead Syndicate of the Year in 2018 has had a major impact


UK Business Angels Association

23 May 2019

The final instalment of our Success Stories series arrives today and we caught up with 2018 winner Archangels, who won Lead Syndicate of the Year.

David Ovens, Chief Operating Officer, admits that Archangels was delighted to make the shortlist for the 2018 awards.

“To be shortlisted for the Lead Syndicate of the Year award and to subsequently win the award was a source of great pride to the team, board and the wider membership of Archangels. We have been supporting young entrepreneurs in Scotland for almost three decades now, both financially and through access to our networks and experiences, and we are passionate about what we do. It was at the same time humbling but also wonderfully exciting to get this recognition from our peers.”

In what ways has winning impacted on the business? “Winning the award has helped both with the recruitment of new investing members and also in terms of interest from investee companies. To be crowned as Lead Syndicate of the Year when there are so many fantastic organisations across the UK suggests that we have been doing something right!”

David went on to explain how important the support of Archangel’s Business Angels members is to the success of their portfolio companies.

“Archangels is a pure business angel syndicate both in terms of how we operate but also in terms of our core philosophy. We are not just a provider of financial capital, we are an organisation whose membership has a range of experiences and networks which help to accelerate the growth of young companies. The ongoing support of our business angel members is crucial to the success of our portfolio companies as well as to the success of Archangels itself. The work which UKBAA does in creating transparency in this asset class, as well as fostering networks and influencing policy is essential to the sustainability and growth of the industry in which we operate.”

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