UKBAA Angel Investment Awards success stories – vChain reflect on winning Best Investment in Disruptive Tech in 2018


UK Business Angels Association

24 May 2019

This is the final instalment of our UKBAA Angel Investment Awards Success Stories series, which has seen us speak to previous winners to find out their experiences and the impact winning has had.

In 2018 vChain won the award for Best Investment in Disruptive Tech. CEO Irra Ariella Khi explains that without Angel Investors, the company wouldn’t have enjoyed the success it has so far.

“It’s really key for me and for vChain to celebrate the Angel Investors in our team, but also to recognise that without them we wouldn’t be where we are today. We leant very heavily on our Angel Investors for advice, not just financial support but also mentorship.”

vChain’s win came at a really crucial moment for them and had an immediate unexpected outcome. “Winning the UKBAA Best Investment in Disruptive Tech Award was a real watershed moment for us because we were right in the middle of a financing round. Someone on my table said, ‘if you win this, I want to Angel Invest in your business in this round’. I did win and he did Angel Invest!”

Irra suggests that those wishing to nominate this year, take their time and do their application properly.

“”I would say if you want to apply for the UKBAA Awards, give it a lot of time and a lot of thought. These awards clearly celebrate effort and achievement as a result of a lot of work. You have to have the ability to create an application that really sets out the scope of what you’re doing, why it’s meaningful, why it’s worthwhile and how you’ve leant on your Business Angel Network for support and for mentorship, as well as financial impact.”

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