UKBAA CEO Jenny Tooth’s bi-weekly update – 2nd May


UK Business Angels Association

02 May 2019

The uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the proposed leaving date of the 31st of October continues to dominate the thinking of small businesses up and down the country.

Preparations for the momentous event will require the expertise of experienced and confident leaders.

This week I discussed how angel investors can use their unique combination of both funding and guidance to help business leaders prepare with Ready for Brexit. This experience comes from the ability to draw from previous economic cycles and challenges, such as the 2008 financial crisis.

Angel investment extends well beyond the confines of categorised raises from faceless financiers, it provides experience-led confidence and sector expertise that proves vital in tackling one of the most seismic events to affect UK business this lifetime.

One of the other important parts of combatting uncertainty is the confidence to grow as a business.

I also discussed this with GBInvestments Magazine on how angel syndicates can provide this confidence and guidance to both investors and entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs often rely on the guidance of people who have experience in running and building a business. This guidance is of just as much importance as investment and funding. The combination of the two – known as angel investors – can be hugely beneficial to the businesses that they are involved with. These investors are sector alumni who can bring with them a wealth of experience in a range of different industries, which is vitally important to young businesses. Entrepreneurs are now increasingly taking advantage of angel syndicates – groups of angel investors formed to provide larger amounts of funding – to maximise the amount, and range, of expertise and contacts.

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