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19 June 2014

The European Commission has recently launched the EU’s biggest research initiative ever – The Graphene Flagship. A ten year, one billion Euro programme, it is tasked with taking graphene from academic laboratories to the market-place for the benefit of European firms, employees, investors, entrepreneurs and European society at large.

Science breakthroughs are necessary but not sufficient to create innovation and, in turn, economic impact. This requires the active involvement of many players, including entrepreneurs and investors.

The Graphene Flagship management team is taking considerable steps to promote industry and investor engagement at an early stage in the emerging “technologies” arising from the original 2004 science breakthrough at The University of Manchester.

As part of this drive, the Flagship has issued a ‘registration of interest’ form for those business angels and investors who would like to be kept informed about graphene industry workshops and a Flagship investor event to be held in Manchester in 2015.

If you would like to register your interest, you can download the one page form registration form below:

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Graphene Flagship registration form

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