Wild Blue supports cancer patient care site in new $2m round


Wild Blue Cohort

22 August 2016

A syndicate of members of Wild Blue Cohort has joined in a $2m seed funding round in Live Better With, a website dedicated to improving the quality of life of cancer sufferers. This is the twelfth investment by the West London-based angel network, since it launched in 2014.

Members of Wild Blue invested in the round led by Fig, with participation from Downing Ventures, Forward Partners and the London Co Investment Fund (LCIF).

Live Better With was founded in 2015 by Tamara Rajah, a former partner globally at McKinsey Healthcare and Board Member of Sherry Coutu’s Scale-up Institute.

Live Better With’s healthcare platform curates the non-medical products that help with the symptoms and side-effects off treatment including books, balms and mobility aids.

David Barrie, founder and CEO of Wild Blue said: “We’re delighted that seven members of our network are supporting the growth of Tamara’s venture. Live Better With is an exciting multi-brand e-commerce business that uses community and content to transform traditional e-commerce economics. This is the fourth investment by members of Wild Blue in an healthcare-related enterprise, and another example of us bringing value to a round led by major investor partners. Health and well-being is relevant to our local agenda, since the number of those aged 65 years and over is increasing rapidly in London and Live Better With seeks to make day-to-day life better for people with long-term illnesses.”

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