Nova Growth Capital invests £1.8m across 6 pre-seed SEIS startups

Investors in this round: Nova Growth Capital

UK SEIS & EIS investor Nova Growth Capital have added a further 6 businesses to their investment portfolio. The early stage startups will each receive a cash investment plus the support of their venture building partner Nova, who will work closely with each of the startups to validate, build and grow their businesses. 

A brief overview of each of their recent investments can be found below.


Sector: HR Tech

Aylula are working to solve the slow and complex qualifications checks in the recruitment industry, aiming to eradicate qualifications fraud. The software being developed will enable employers to instantly screen candidates and validate their qualifications across multiple databases. 

Due to the complexity of current verification solutions, less than 20% of employers currently carry out pre-employment checks, and 1 in 3 never verify a candidate’s qualifications. This can lead to an array of performance and safety complications, some even life-threatening depending on the field of work.



Sector: Activities & Entertainment 

Bookado is an activities membership platform; they have built a growing community of thrill seekers who use their service to book discounted activities such as helicopter rides, bungee jumps, axe throwing, sports car racing and more  throughout the UK.   

The bookado team leverages their community to negotiate the best rates and discounts for their members. In the coming months they’ll be scaling the numbers and activity centres on their platform and building the software to support this growth. 



Sector: eCommerce & Logistics Software  

Cricket is the second most popular sport globally, played by over 60 million people worldwide. However, the British cricket bat industry – which has existed since the 1600s – is under threat of extinction. 

Most professional cricket bats are made by independent bat makers and then rebranded by big name brands. Cricket bat makers at their core are carpenters and don’t know the best way to grow their business online. The Cricket store is a new operating platform connecting independent cricket brands and cricketers. Providing makers with a new sales channel, a backend to run their business operations and also recognition as a member of the cricket bat makers guild.



Sector: Sports Performance Software

The Lucid team is building a product that allows sports academy coaches to ‘see the unseen’ – predicting the future performance of academy players using previously unseen physical and psychological data.  

The Lucid platform measures the key psychological traits that correlate with success at sports academies. Whilst providing 9-23 year olds with the insight and tools needed to unlock their potential, both in or outside the world of sports. Lucid’s plans align with the Premier League’s Elite Player Performance Plan and the FA’s vision of producing more and better homegrown players. The Lucid team currently have trials of their product ongoing at Premier league and Championship clubs. 



Sector: Children’s Sports & Fitness

One Sports Club is a subscription service that enables parents to access a wide range of childrens’ sports activities without having to pay for expensive, long-term membership fees for each individual sport upfront. The team’s ambition is to make kids sport less long-term commitment orientated and instead provide flexible access to a pay & play model of sport. Providing children with greater access to a variety of different sports at a young age. With One sports club, parents have greater freedom and choice of their children’s sports clubs. 



Sector: eCommerce / Live Selling

Live selling is the new retail movement shaping the future of e-commerce. Live selling involves sellers leveraging their social media following to sell products directly to their communities. Sellers ‘go live’ on their channels, demonstrating the products and collecting orders directly on each social media channel. 

Peasy is supporting live sellers by building a live-selling stock and management platform that’s helping hosts with all the logistics of eCommerce; stock, storage and shipping.

If you would like to lean more about Nova Growth Capital, and the opportunities available to invest in a portfolio of UK growth focused SEIS and EIS businesses please visit: https://novagrowthcapital.co.uk/ 


Nova Growth Capital invests £1.8m across 6 pre-seed SEIS startups

Nova Growth Capital invests £1.8m across 6 pre-seed SEIS startups

By Paul Dodd18 Nov 2021