Our LP Report, The Capital Behind Venture, is out

We released our Capital Behind Venture report, which provided insights from over 60 Limited Partners / Family Offices who invest in European VCs. There isn’t much in the public domain for fund managers, especially emerging funds and our objective was to provide some practical information for those looking to raise their next fund.
You can download the report here.

A few highlights…

  • The report reveals that LP respondents met with over 2,000 prospective VC firms over the last three years and invested in 360 of them.
  • 43% of LPs said that COVID has accelerated their investment in VC firms, while only 20% said they had reduced their deployment;
  • 64% aim to increase their investment into female-led VC firms;
  • 82% of LPs have invested into emerging VC firms over the last three years, with 50% participating as a cornerstone investor; and
  • 120 of the 360 VC funds received investment from government-backed LPs, which made up just 5 of the 63 LPs surveyed.
Our LP Report, The Capital Behind Venture, is out

By MountsideVentures20 Nov 2020