PrecisionLife offers support to COVID-19 coronavirus research community

Oxford based precision medicine AI company PrecisionLife has confirmed it is now offering free use of its unique analytics platform and support from its biomedical science team to the on-going collaborative efforts of the medical research community in the fight against COVID-19 coronavirus.

PrecisionLife’s platform is uniquely capable of analyzing large quantities of patients’ genomic, clinical and epidemiological data, generating new disease insights that are not possible with current tools. It is routinely used to analyze data from tens of thousands of patients and is used to stratify patients and identify their disease risk factors, drug repurposing opportunities and new drug targets.

The platform has been validated successfully on over 20 complex disease studies, several of which have focused on respiratory and immune response/auto-immune diseases, which will be highly relevant to the COVID-19 patient data.

PrecisionLife is now using its platform on multiple COVID-19 datasets including the newly released patient data just made available by UK Biobank. It is now analyzing this data with a view to better understanding the way in which the disease affects different patient subgroups, as well as identifying new treatment options, especially for those suffering from more serious late-stages of the disease.

For more information, please see www.precisionlife.com, or email covid-19@precisionlife.com.

PrecisionLife offers support to COVID-19 coronavirus research community

By Acceleris Capital22 Apr 2020