QVentures has led the funding round in Glean.ly, a scalable and secure UX research repository

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, 29th April 2020 – QVentures has led the funding round in Glean.ly, a scalable repository for user experience research and insights.

Almost all companies rely on user experience and there is a growing need for companies to produce a unique user experience. Very few companies have the tools to allow employees to easily access and understand research previously carried out in their companies which often leads to duplicating work. Glean.ly have built a repository for UX research, allowing companies to better retain research results and make these insights searchable and more accessible across the company.

With the ability to connect across research experiments, Glean.ly’s Atomic UX Research platform allows companies to spot patterns and find opportunities that would otherwise have been missed with traditional methods. Insights gained from experiments such as user interviews, survey results, A/B tests, and qualitative or quantitative research are stored, rather than just the raw data, and are presented in a simple way so that employees can understand and benefit from this knowledge. By encouraging an evidence-based approach, more high-quality resources allow good ideas to rise without quashing creativity.

While current solutions in the market provide either too little or too much content, Glean.ly’s platform separates insights from how they are learned. This allows crystal clear insights to be connected to an unlimited provenance needed to ensure decisions are based on evidence.

Glean.ly’s platform allows the entire organisation to benefit from shared knowledge. Discovery of information is super quick, saving many man-hours when starting a project or on-boarding a new employee. When someone leaves a company, their knowledge is able to be retained which is especially valuable while the use of contractors is popular.

QVentures Managing Partner, Robert Walsh, said, “Now more than ever, there is an increase in digital competition to acquire and retain customers across sectors ranging from banking to grocery shopping. User experience is an area where companies can no longer take shortcuts in and Glean.ly’s unique platform is part of the next generation of startups addressing the needs of companies today. We are excited to be working with Glean.ly to help companies drive efficiency in their UX process and deliver success.”

QVentures is also impressed by the quality Glean.ly team, headed up by co-founder Daniel Pidcock, who formerly led the accessibility team and UX for Android at Just Eat.

Pidcock said, “I’m very excited to have QVentures on board as both an investor and a partner. We are the first UX repository that is designed for large businesses, so it makes sense to work with an organization such as QVentures who have such a fantastic network. It is also good to be able to build a relationship that can extend much further than just seed investment.”


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QVentures has led the funding round in Glean.ly, a scalable and secure UX research repository

By QVentures01 May 2020