QVentures leads round in articulate.xyz, an EdTech app for those wanting to speak new languages

QVentures has announced that it will lead the funding round for articulate.xyz, a digital app-based service for those wishing to speak languages clearly and fluently.

Using the latest language and voice processing technologies, articulate.xyz is developing a self-serve EdTech application that emulates an immersive learning environment, helping users to improve their verbal communication in a language. As users read text within the app, the app listens, highlights potential improvements and an assistant helps users to sound out words.

As users progress, the system learns about more, allowing it to provide unique data-driven insights and recommend appropriate and challenging materials to match each user’s own learning journey. Users can select content from articulate.xyz’s extensive library, follow a lesson or course, or upload their own material.

By focusing on usage over memorisation the articulate.xyz app creates a safe space for users to make pronunciation errors without fear of embarrassment. Immersing the user in the language through continuous speech, increases their confidence, accuracy, fluency, and opportunities in the real-world.

Starting with English, articulate.xyz are targeting young non-native speaking professionals who see value in fluent communication and wish to improve their spoken English, whether that be in the medical sector, banking, engineering, teaching, hospitality or a whole host of roles that demand proficient communication skills.

QVentures Partner, Brian Hatton, said: “We are very excited to work with Paul and the experienced team at articulate.xyz. Individuals around the globe are looking for innovative ways to educate themselves to improve communication and speak more clearly. Articulate.xyz has very ambitious plans in this growing market.”

Articulate.xyz Founder, Paul Evans says: “We’re very excited about having QVentures lead the investment round. Their belief in how digital solutions can enhance opportunities for us all aligns very well with ours”.



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QVentures leads round in articulate.xyz, an EdTech app for those wanting to speak new languages

By QVentures07 Apr 2020