Where to find angels

Anyone with the knowledge and financial capacity to make an investment could be an angel investor. Although we represent about 18,000 via our members, there are countless more out there who we do not yet know. Looking for investors can seem a daunting task at first, but there are plenty of resources available to support you and many angel groups for you to approach.

Your personal and professional network

You may have done a friends and family round already, but there are still often professional contacts or friends of friends you could still approach. The key is having a common ground to approach them on, usually, the business idea itself. This is where your professional network can be the most fruitful, as those contacts will already have knowledge or a deep understanding of the sector your new business is operating in. Never approach anyone asking for money, but instead, seek support and guidance with your business, over time your story will come across and they’ll recognise your need for investment and may well be prepared to help, or introduce you to some else who can.

The industry

When starting or growing a business, especially a business that brings innovation to a sector, a very strong place to seek support is from senior and experienced individuals within the same sector. They would want to know more about a new, relevant innovation within their space and, as above, may be willing to give you some advice or feedback. Again it’s important not to ask them for investment but to ask for feedback and support. If they’re interested in what you’re doing you can then invite them to become a special advisor or mentor and investment may follow in time. A good place to look is on LinkedIn or at relevant industry events.

The UKBAA member directory

Our member directory is the UK’s single largest source of early-stage investors, advisors and intermediaries. We represent thousands of investors via our member organisations and you can approach any of the organisations that you feel would be a good fit for your business. Before you make an approach to one of our members, do your research on them first and tailor your approach based on your findings.

Attending events

There are hundreds of relevant events around the country, whether it’s industry events or indeed investor events, it’s hard not to find one worth going to in any given week. Sign up to our newsletter to find out about events our members are holding, or visit the event section of our website but also do your research on sector-focussed events that you could attend too. Remember to be prepared for that chance encounter with a potential investor!

Equity crowdfunding platforms

Forty-five percent of angel investors invest on or alongside crowdfunding platforms. Although you should expect a large number of passive investors that are unlikely to bring significant value, there are experienced business angels using these platforms to find investments. It’s worth engaging your crowd to find out where they’re from and if they have any sector skills or experience.

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