UKBAA angel investing training courses

Angel investment requires skills and knowledge to make effective decisions about which investments to make and how to increase opportunities for successful outcomes.

UKBAA as the trade body for angel investors has created the first nationally validated programme of education and skills for new and less-experienced angel investors. The training courses will leverage the experience and insights from the experienced angel investors and will draw on technical expertise and access to relevant tools and resources.

The training courses:

1. Introduction to Angel Investing Course

A short one-hour online module certificated by the UKBAA and accredited for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) by the demonstrating that the course is balanced, informative and educational. We envisage this to be suitable for anyone wanting to find out about this asset class and will be also relevant to financial intermediaries.

2. Qualified Angel Investor

A Diploma in Angel Investing aimed at individuals already interested in investing, or who have already invested in Crowd Funding and wish to progress to being more directly involved as an investor. The course will include about 8 hours learning and will be taken online, at the student’s own pace and the material is presented as both slides, reading material and video interviews with leading experts in this area. The certificated training will be accredited by SFEDI, the government-recognised, not-for-profit standards-setting body for both Business Enterprise and Business Support and regulated by Ofqual the national standards body for quality education.

3. Accredited Angel Investor

Angels who achieve the qualification would then progress to become accredited once they have made relevant investments in which they were actively engaged.

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