Stakeholderz successfully closes first venture deal

The uniqueequity crowdfundingplatformStakeholderzannounced the successofitsfirst fundraising campaign.This first venture dealsaw Welsh start-upVortex IoTraising £500k tofunditswork indeliveringinnovative”Internet of Things” solutions into the Heavy Industry, Smart Infrastructure and Rail Infrastructure sectors.

With a focus ondesigning andbuildingsensors for harsh environments where conditions are hostile, power supply is limited,anddata security is critical, Vortex IoT is paving the way to an AI-led future in industry. The IndustrialInternet of Things (IIoT) is nowmajor trend, with a visible impact onthe global economy; research suggests thatthevalue of theIIoTcouldreach$15 trillion of global GDPby 2030.1

Stakeholderzsupports such vital innovations by bringingtogetherhigh qualityventures, senior executive talent, and an experiencedangelinvestor base.Theplatformuniquelyleverages the network and database of Intramezzo, an international executive search firmthat specialises inplacing senior executives into high-growth technology ventures.This was especially prevalent in fundraising for Vortex IoT as two NEDswho have beenknowntoIntramezzofora number ofyearswere integral in propelling the fundraising campaign to success.

The Stakeholderz curation process begins with the Venture Committee, made up of experienced executives, who screen selected UK technology venturesforthe platform. The proposalmadeby the venture is also analysed by an FSA authorised signatory to ensure it isclear, accurate and not misleading.

Vortex IoT were introduced to over 100 members of the Stakeholderzinvestorcommunity, thepublicplatform isalsoavailabletoanyone in the UKwho wants to make aninvestment in any futureventures.

It was the idea of Intramezzo’s Dermot Hill todevelopcrowdfundingplatform with a difference; combininginvestment with talent.

Dermot Hill, CEO of Stakeholderz and founding director of Intramezzo:

We were thrilled to participate in the fundraising campaign with VortexIoT.Thesuccess of this first campaign has proven that our selective‘curation’process works, joining the best ventureswith angelinvestorsandthe best people.

Thefund raise completedineightweeks, fourweeks ahead of schedulewe are truly looking forward to seeing the fantastic innovationsand new client winsVortex IoT willmake with this investment.Also, hugecongratratulationsalso to Adrian Sutton, Managing Director of Vortex IoT, who won IOD Wales’ Start-Up Director of the Year for 2018, during the fund raising period.

The UK is very much open for business, with record amounts being invested into UK high-growth businesses– crowdfunding continues to outperformgovernment andangel networks, with over £50.4million of investment in the firstquarter of 2018.

Stakedholderzis focused on championing high quality ventures inall tech sectors includingfintech, healthcare,teleconmmunications, information technology, and energy. Following the successful participation in Vortex IoT’scampaign,further investment opportunities will be released soon asa number ofventures areentering the final stages of the Stakeholderzscreeningand listingprocess.


Stakeholderz successfully closes first venture deal

By Stakeholderz07 Jun 2018