Sustainable Ventures makes two new investments from the Sustainable Accelerator 3 fund into Ride Tandem and Connected Energy

Sustainable Ventures is delighted to announce two new investments from the Sustainable Accelerator 3 fund into Ride Tandem and Connected Energy.

Ride Tandem

Tandem is building the next generation of mobility for towns taking the 21st century transport technologies emerging in big cities and adapting them for smaller cities and towns where existing transport provision and competition are lower and the need for new transport options is greater.

Their first service is a ridesharing model built for towns. Tandem aggregate passenger demand and link this to local taxis. Tandem partners with journey generating organisations such as employers and employment agencies, shopping centres and leisure venues and aggregates demand for popular journey locations unlocking a new revenue stream for local taxis and whilst providing a low cost transport option for passengers.

Tandem’s first partners are employment agencies struggling to place workers in out of town sites because of the lack of public transport or other low-cost transport options. Tandem allows workers to book rides to match their shift requirements and ensures employment agencies can place workers at out of town employment sites. Their initial focus is on core ‘corridors’ e.g. routes where there is a sufficiently high volume of demand to guarantee sharing, rather than universal point-to-point coverage which reduces the chances of a match.

Tandem is led by a strong team with high quality operational and commercial skills who have already demonstrated an ability to respond and execute quickly to changing market conditions.

Sustainable Accelerator invested into Tandem as part of a funding round of £550k together with the Foundation for Integrated Transport, European Space Agency and a number of angel investors.

You can find out more about Tandem at https://www.ridetandem.co/

Connected Energy

Connected Energy offers off-grid energy solutions whilst lowering overheads, lowering investment risk and offering the ability to provide flexible tariffs and payment plans for mini-grid renewables systems in developing world markets. Connected Energy’s enables their clients to sell energy systems to a wider range of customers, such as poorer or more remote households creating a much-needed positive socio-economic impact in these communities. For the end users the benefits are cheaper and more reliable energy services, flexible financing options, and the prospect of a robust after-sales service. Connected Energy currently have two products Cloud Solar and Smart Biogas.

Cloud Solar is a hardware, software and communications product designed to integrate directly into home solar systems as well as for refrigeration and irrigation. It allows solar providers to monitor and control their assets and send data to the cloud. Cloud Solar allows providers to offer pay-as-you-go or staged payment plans, rather than only being able to sell equipment up-front – thereby opening up new market opportunities for small to medium sized solar energy providers.

Smart Biogas is a smart meter for small biogas digester units. The system collects data, sends it to the cloud and allows biogas providers and users to monitor their systems. Smart Biogas has several uses, including preventing faults, decreasing the need for after-sales services and offering accurate usage measurements for tapping into carbon credit financing. Greater use of biogas offers a range of environmental benefits for users. On a regional scale it reduces wood use and thus contributes to tackling deforestation – an ongoing global and regional environmental crisis. Digester by-products also can also increase soil quality through application as organic fertilizer inputs.

Sustainable Accelerator has invested £125k into Connected Energy as part of an equity funding round of £400k together with Old College Capital and a number of angel investors. Additionally, Connected Energy have won a total of more than £500k grant funding from Innovate UK from three successful project bids.

You can find out more about Connected Energy athttps://connectedenergy.net/

Sustainable Ventures makes two new investments from the Sustainable Accelerator 3 fund into Ride Tandem and Connected Energy

By Sustainable Ventures15 Jul 2020