Tech Nation announces ‘Top 16 Innovative AI Companies to Watch in 2020’

Tech Nation have just announced their ‘Top 16 Innovative AI Companies to Watch in 2020‘. Among those selected for this coveted list is Beacon.

Beacon is an online marketing insights platform that provides a range of leading edge tools including independent analytics identifying and differentiating human versus bot traffic – finally enabling companies to maximise the ROI that they get from their online campaigns.

According to a recent article from the Boston Consulting group “Companies need to understand how customers are using digital and mobile channels to effectively guide their purchase. Companies need to invest in technology, data and analytics to improve their insights into customer buying behaviour and to help them provide more relevant, personalized experiences and content to buyers.”

Customer journey mapping is becoming a critical tool as the purchasing process moves increasingly online and there is a growing need to deliver personalised and highly relevant experiences. Beacon provides an on-going analysis of the customer journey identifying any drop off points or bottlenecks as the customer interacts with the company enabling the improvement of the entire customer acquisition process.

Nigel Bridges, Beacon’s CEO commented, ‘To have this accolade at this stage in our growth is truly amazing. And to come from an independent organisation like Tech Nation, whose purpose is to fuel the growth of game-changing founders, leaders, and scaling companies, makes us very proud in what we have achieved so far.’

Congratulations to all those who made the list.

Tech Nation announces ‘Top 16 Innovative AI Companies to Watch in 2020’

By Stakeholderz15 Jul 2020