The 10 Golden Rules of Angel Investing

Are investors looking to invest at the moment? And if so, what are the key questions they should be asking entrepreneurs in this current climate?

In 2020 Stakeholderz and AngelNews launched ‘The Angel Masterclass’. Over three modules participants came together and learnt the nuances and dos and don’ts of angel investing from Modwenna Rees-Mogg.

Since Covid-19 measures came into play the course went online and now we have released further dates for 2020. To coincide with this we’re sharing the 10 Golden Rules of Angel Investing. There are still start-ups who need investor’s cash and expertise during this time, don’t forget these key points when looking at your next big deal…

1. Invest for more than just money, look for satisfaction and the ability to change the world too!

2. Investing with others is better than investing alone.3. Write the value of your investment down to zero the day after you invest; then everything thereafter will be upside.

4. Don’t spend more than 10% of your net worth (excluding your home and pension) on angel investments.

5. Be patient, the best rewards come to those who wait.

6. Invest in what you understand and who you understand.

7. Management matters, but management with financial skills matters more.

8. For every £ you invest in the first round of a company, keep back at least £3-10 to invest in later rounds.

9. Diversify your portfolio, but don’t take on so many investments that you cannot manage them.

10. THINK BIG! Make sure the rewards you hope for make the risks worth taking.

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The 10 Golden Rules of Angel Investing

By Stakeholderz05 May 2020