The UKBAA DealShare is a private, members-only platform designed to improve deal flow and create co-investment opportunities for the UKBAA community. The DealShare allows UKBAA members to share deals with one another via a simple online marketplace, either by listing and managing the deal themselves, or by referring an entrepreneur that can be invited to do this directly.

It is not directly open to entrepreneurs and you need to have an invitation from one of our members or from UKBAA to upload any content.

Who uses the DealShare

The DealShare is used by all members of the UKBAA including 70 angel groups, 30 VCs, 15 equity crowdfunding platforms and hundreds of individual investors.

Our members are free to research and enquire about any deals on the platform, to add and manage their own deals and to invite entrepreneurs to the platform too.

Why put your proposition on the DealShare

If you are looking to close a round of investment, the DealShare is an excellent resource to do this as:

  • It’s a chance to showcase a funding round to the most comprehensive list of angel groups in the UK as well as hundreds of individual investors.
  • All deals are linked back to the referring member (kept anonymous for individual investors) which provides credibility and reassurance to other investors.
  • Data can be kept confidential and users can control access to sensitive material.
  • It’s not an investment platform but more of a discovery marketplace, users can manage and process interested investors in their own way.
  • It’s free to use, we do not charge any fees.

The core requirements

Not all deals can be added to the DealShare platform: they must be angel-ready, to have been referred by one of our members or partners, and meet the following criteria:

  • Passed the proof of concept stage.
  • EIS, SEIS or SITR eligible.
  • Raising between £100,000 and £3m.
  • 20% of the current round already in place (or proof of commitment).
  • Based in the UK, or with a substantial UK base.

You can only list a funding round on the DealShare platform if you are referred by a UKBAA member. This can include an existing investor that has invested in the business already.

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As part of our Covid-19 initiative to support the early-stage investment community, we are opening up our DealShare platform to all investors. Access deals that are part-funded by some of the UK’s top investors. Click here to sign up

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