Tokenise launches a new future in crowdfunding and tokenised securities

Tokenise has launched a new tokenised equity crowdfunding platform — www.tokenise.io — providing access for those seeking to raise capital to a wide community of investors and offering an efficient, auditable and scalable system using blockchain technology.

Tokenise will lead the way in delivering capital raises through the offering of tokenised securities, enabling start-ups and SMEs to tokenise their equity and raise capital in a safe and transparent environment.

As well as the crowdfunding primary market, Tokenise will create a secondary market for curated tokens. Here the buying and selling of investments in unlisted companies is possible with no need for intermediaries between investors and the fundraising company. This will be through a Bulletin Board and will be available 24/7.

Transparency and price discovery will be enabled, while the platform will facilitate liquidity in a traditionally illiquid market.

The approach by Tokenise will be fully compliant with the FCA rules in the UK. Embedded processes and procedures within the platform will ensure that users of the platform comply with the regulations around security offerings. Tokenise will take these offerings one step further on the journey to a full exchange listing where suitable. Custody of assets will be through our FCA regulated partner to ensure that investor funds are protected.

According to Martin Graham, former Director of Markets and Head of AIM at the London Stock Exchange:

Tokenise has the vision and potential, through utilising the right global partners, to create a network which can ultimately provide a platform for a genuine global marketplace for tokenised assets. The process of bringing together providers and consumers of growth capital especially for smaller enterprises is still deeply inefficient. Tokenise can play an important role in solving this problem.


Mike Kessler, Founder and CEO: mike.kessler@tokenise.io 0207 588 8800

James Aufenast, Head of Marketing: james@tokenise.io 07720 299893


  • Tokenise is a trading name of Kession Capital Limited, registered in England and Wales at 42 Lytton Road, Barnet, Hertfordshire, EN5 5BY (Reg no. 07987057). Trading address is 7th floor, Hyde House, London NW9 6LH. Kession Capital Limited is authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority (Firm Reference Number: 582160). These details can be confirmed by visiting the Financial Services Register.
  • Based in Hendon, north west London. Kession was founded in 2012 to provide regulatory services in the financial sector and has become a market leader in compliance and advisory services.
  • Mike Kessler is the CEO and Founder of Tokenise and Kession Capital. Experienced in asset management, corporate development, start-ups and trading, Mike was an early adopter of blockchain based businesses and acts as an advisor to several companies in the tokenised securities space.
  • Site: https://www.tokenise.io

By Tokenise20 Mar 2019