UKBAA 2018 Angel Investment Award Winners Announced

Tuesday 19th Junesaw over 300 leading entrepreneurs and early-stage business investors gather at the stunning Liverpool CathedralUK Business Angels Association’s annual UK Angel Investment Awards 2018.

Jenny Tooth, CEO of UKBAApresented the awards, they recognise outstanding achievement, identifying some of the most innovative and disruptive businesses across the UK; and the angel and early-stage investors that have backed them. We received nearly 300 nominations which was a record for the UKBAA Awards, so it was very challenging for our 24 expert judges to make their decision.

The 2018 winners & ‘ones to watch’ are:

Scale Up Team Of The Year

Sponsored by Lloyds Bank

Winner:Symphony Ventures

The business which is offering Robotic Process Automation for globally focused enterprises has used the investment to build a strong and diverse team having grown from 7 to over 200 worldwide, deploying regional leaders and focusing on building skills and a strong ethos across the international team.

One to watch:Speechmatics

The business which is addressing the challenges of robotic speech, having successfully used the investment to double the team and demonstrated a strong team ethos.

Best Investment In AI

Winner:Skin Analytics

The company is making innovative use of AI to address the global challenge of melanoma and skin cancer. The founders have accessed angle, VC and grant funding to accelerate their technological development and carry out important healthcare trials in both the NHS and the private sector.

One to watch:Hummingbird

The business is using AI to significantly improve the effectiveness of Agri Tech, reducing the use of water and pesticides to increase crop yields.

Angel-VC Scale-Up Investment

Sponsored by Livingbridge Growth


The company which enables organisations to mitigate privacy risks when working with sensitive data has successfully combined Angel and VC investment to support tis successful scale-up, expanding the team and accessing new markets in US and Europe.

One to watch:Open Cosmos

The business is simplifying access to space, reducing complexity and costs for satellite missions, having used Angel and VC funds and ESA grants to successfully scale.

Best Investment In FinTech

Sponsored by GC Angels


The company has developed software to enable firms to offer direct payment services, previously only available to Banks offering a new simple interface for customers. The company has been supported by industry experienced investors and co-investment to successfully roll out its service

One to watch:Commuter Club

The company is offering low-cost payment plans to make commuter season tickets affordable. The company has achieved the backing of strong industry experienced angel investors to support its growth and expansion.

Best Investment In HealthTech

Sponsored by Angel Invest Wales

Winner:Smartgate Solutions

The company is addressing an important challenge of deploying human resources effectively for health and social care , creating new efficiencies and cost saving for the NHS for areas like ambulance services and A and E. The business is backed by leading angel industry experts and the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund to support its roll out across the healthcare services.

One to watch:Jellagen

The company is using jellyfish to develop collagen for diagnostics and therapeuticsand has successfully used Angel Investment and VC funding to further build its sales and branding.

Best International Growth Business

Sponsored by Cocoon Networks


The company offers a subscription media platform offering children access to TV and educational games in a safe environment. The business has successfully used angel and VC investment to access Europe, Middles East, Indian and Australian markets and is now in 55 countries.

One to watch:Quiqup

The company is focused on logistics as a service, operating at the interface between last minute, tech and retail, creating bespoke delivery solutions for customers and businesses, and has raised Angel and VC funding to support its international expansion to the Middle East.

Best Investment in IoT/SmartTech


The company offers drone flight analytics, allowing insurers to intelligently price and sell insurance premiums for drone flights. The investment from Angels and VCs enabled Flock to launch a new commercial and recreational pay-as-you fly product.

One to watch:Chirp

The company empowers devices to connect seamlessly through data as sound, addressing the increasing number of IOT devices that people are managing at home and in theworkplace and has been supported by angels, crowdfunding and VC funding to grow its patent portfolio and new product development.

Best Investment in a High Growth Female Founder

Sponsored by Newable Private Investing

Winner: Kim Nilsson atPivigo

Kim is addressing the important need to build a pipeline of data scientists to meet the growing demand for skilled talent to take advantage of the opportunity to exploit big data, offering training and a marketplace and has accessed Angel and VC funding to tackle a market where there are not enough women.

One to watch: Vivi Friedgut atBlackbullion

The business is providing online education on financial literacy to University Students, enabling young people to have control over their finances, reducing drop-out and personal stress over debt. The Angel investment has enabled Vivi and her team to support growth and product development.

Best Investment in Disruptive Tech

Sponsored by Innovate UK


This female-led business is disrupting the aviation security market, to improve passenger security data through the use of blockchain and machine learning technologies to develop patented technology for pre-checking of passenger data. Irra has accessed funding from industry experienced angel investors, VCs and Corporates to develop extensive partnerships with International Airports.

One to watch:GTN Ltd

The business is using machine learning and quantum physics to increase the speed of drug development, through identification of molecular characteristics, working with large pharmaceutical companies, and successfully achieving Angel and Seed Funding.

Patient Capital Investment of the Year 2018

Sponsored by NVM


The company is disrupting the fragmented £4bn home cleaning market , matching customer needs for cleaners through its online platform, Having set up the business in 2014, the founders have scaled the business to 40,000 customers and over 1,000 cleaners, having brought together an impressive group of industry experienced angels and VCs through further rounds and committed to building long-term growth.

One to watch:Push Doctor

The business has developed a digital care App enabling patients to have a face to face appointment with an NHS registered GP in under 6 minutes, through mobile, tablet or online devices. The company has successfully used angel and VC funds to build long term growth, raising over £28m in patient capital.

Best New Entrant to the Angel EcoSystem

Winner:Seed Legals

The company is disrupting the early stage legal transactions market enabling founders and investors to access an integrated self-service legal equity solution for funding rounds, considerable reducing the time to complete a deal, whilst transparent and affordable pricing model. Founded 12 months ago and now with 3000 start-ups, the company has been backed by VC angels and industry experts.

One to watch:RLC Ventures

This new Venture fund has been established by angel groups, focusing on creative industries and tech for good, especially focusing on young founders 25-30 years. The investors have created a special policy of distributing carry fees and exit profits back to charitable causes, identified by the Founder, already having supported 14 causes through a “Social Impact Venture Pledge “

Lead Syndicate of the Year:

Sponsored by Angel Co-Fund


The syndicate has been operating for 24 years and has been able to demonstrate an IRR of 24% across its portfolio offering 3x return to its investors. Having made £11.3m investments in 20217 and bringing £18m total to 15 funding rounds. Having achieved 22 exits to date and with an exit earlier this year bringing a 14x times return to the investors in 2017, whilst focusing on bringing strong added value to their invested businesses.

One to watch:Q Ventures

This angel group, focusing on late seed and pre Series A, has been growing its investor base since 2014 and has attracted a significant number of leading industry players. The group has done 21 deals investing £27m in the past year and able to bring strong added value through its global network under the Quintessentially Group.

Best Female-Led Investment

Sponsored by Isle Of Man

Joint Winners:


Doppel led by Dr Fotini Markopoulou, have developed a wristband that has been shown to address the global challenge of workplace stress, focusing on personalised rythmns . Over the past 4 years the team have trialled and built the concept which has achieved considerable traction in the US and China markets.

Lead Female Investor: Rosalind Singleton

Ros has drawn on her over 30 years experience in telecoms and IT, as MD of UK Broadband and Chair of the new UK5G to help the team to review their technical developments and develop robust manufacturing processes.

World Wide Generation

Led by Maryula, World Wide Generation have created a blockchain platform as a monitoring and marketplace for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, offering a private distributed ledger and cloud-based web application to enable organisations to maximise their achievements. The team have attracted considerable investment and attracted worldwide recognition

Lead Female Investor: Claire Bartholomew

Claire has put a considerable sum of investment into the business, and drawing on her experience in IT and Financial recruitment, as well as in social enterprise to support the growth and expansion of the business to helping the team, with recruitment and attracting further funding.


Angel Investor of the Year 2018

Sponsored by Deepbridge Syndicate

The Winner: Chris Adelsbach

Chris has shown himself to be a very active Angel investor, having made 36 investments so far, plus 20 follow-on investments with his own capital. Chris has a strong focus on Fintech and related areas, though does also invest in other sectors. Chris sees the importance of supporting the founders and looks to add value wherever he can into his investee businesses, having a strong focus on mentorship. Chris has shown himself to be an active investor through syndication. He is keen to be an Ambassador for UKBAA in the year ahead.


By UKBAA21 Jun 2018